Welcome to Design Launchers.

We've created this page to provide you with additional information regarding an opportunity to join our team as an entry level intern.  This internship opportunity is open to Mechanical Engineering students that are Sophomores, Juniors, or Seniors with at least 2 years remaining before graduation (Seniors, this means a first semester Senior in a five year graduation plan).

Please take some time to explore our website to learn more about our company and the help that we offer to inventors and companies of all sizes.  We recommend starting with the About Us page.  

Does the About Us page read like a description of yourself?  If so, we want to hear from you.

At Design Launchers, we generally only work on projects that are to some degree mechanical or electro-mechanical in nature; devices, machines, tools, gadgets, widgets, or products with some function or form that makes it useful to the world in some way.  From time to time there are exceptions, but to give you an idea of what's typical, here's a short list of just some of the industries and applications we've had the opportunity to help create new products in:  medical device/instrument & orthopedic implants, athletic training equipment, theme park applications, weapon accessories, military equipment, virtual reality simulation hardware, boating products, fashion accessories, construction tools, cell phone cases, fishing products, oil & gas hardware, consumer products of all kinds, and more.

An internship with Design Launchers is not about getting coffee for the boss, mindless busy work, or making copies for the senior engineers.  All of our product design team members, interns included, work on Product Development Projects.  We create, test, and build new products at Design Launchers... and you'll have hands on experience doing just that.  We start from just simple ideas and sketches and then move into CAD design software.  We then test our designs using 3D Printing, CNC Machining, and many other manufacturing processes, and finally, when the design work is complete, we help our customers produce thousands of units with high volume mass production technologies to put finished products into the hands of the end consumer.  

That's the job description in a nut shell.

We are looking for students with at least 2 years remaining before graduation because we spend a significant amount of time investing in the training of our mechanical engineering interns with the goal of full time employment at the end of the internship.

We don't offer a "summer internship" for our engineers... we offer the first step in a career.  

Because we want to only hire the right people, we have a somewhat long interview process.  How long does the process take?  However long that it takes to find the right people.  Our interview process can be viewed as being broken up into three phases (Interviewing, CAD Training, and Internship Offer):  

Phase 1:  Interviewing

The first phase is pretty much a standard interview.  This phase starts with the typical interview process you'd expect with bi-directional Q&A sessions starting with calls and then moving on to face to face interviews.  The duration of this phase will entirely depend on the number of applicants.  At the end of this phase we'll narrow the field down to a hand full of candidates that we'll invite into the second phase.  

Phase 2:  CAD Training Sessions

"Opportunity is missed by most because it is dressed in overalls and looks like work."

- Thomas Edison

The second phase entails beginning with training in SolidWorks CAD software.  At this stage you are still not an employee, aren't paid, and won't yet be working on design projects for customers.  Instead we will focus on teaching you proper, fast, and efficient 3D CAD modeling techniques for various objects & assemblies so you can effectively work on projects as an intern, if hired.  This period is designed to get to know you, how you work, and how you learn.  This phase will likely entail 3 - 5 unpaid hours per week of CAD software training sessions in groups for several weeks.  The number of weeks required will entirely depend on your effort in practicing and learning SolidWorks outside of the training sessions.  

We don't offer pay during this period while we're teaching you CAD design skills.  Once you're up to speed in SolidWorks and can work on projects effectively, then we will offer a paid internship opportunity.  We want to see you move into the paid portion of the internship as soon as possible so practice, practice, practice.  Based on our ongoing assessments during this second phase, we'll narrow the field further during this process until we've ultimately filled the open internship position(s).  

It is important to note, there is no expectation that you come to the table already knowing 3D CAD modeling or that you have any prior engineering internship experience.  Experience is a plus, but zero 3D CAD modeling experience is perfectly ok.  We will train you to be an expert, that's our job.  It is far more important to us to find the right kind of individual for the long haul than someone who knows a little CAD right now.

However, it is an absolute must-have requirement that our internship applicants have prior 'build' experience.  By having prior build experience, we mean as a student interested in mechanical engineering you should have built several things by now on your own, outside of assigned school projects, both while in high school and college.  Being a mechanical engineer is much more than being book smart.  Being good at math does not make a great mechanical engineer.  A great mechanical engineer will have a natural mechanical inclination and a high level of interest in building things.  Here are some actual examples that our interns have built on their own outside of their school work prior to working at Design Launchers:

  • Gardening tables

  • Skateboard ramps

  • Arduino controlled door dead bolt actuator

  • Arduino driven mini-backhoe articulating robot arm

  • Electric furnace to melt and cast Aluminum parts

  • Home liquor bar with hidden compartments (of course at 21 years old)

  • Quadcopter

  • A miny mid-evil trebuchet

  • US-First Robotics competition robots

  • A guitar from scratch

  • Re-built car/motorcycle engines

  • Rolling marker board frame

  • Radio controlled boat from scratch

  • Dorm room elevated bed lofts

  • Punching bag stand

  • Model rockets

Phase 3:  Internship Offer

Once hired as an intern, we will begin with likely around 10 paid hours per week and ramp up to more hours per week as you become more self-sufficient in design work.  Our more experienced interns nearing graduation will generally work between 20 to 30 hours during the school semesters and work at or near full time when school is not in session.  Understanding you are in school, we are very flexible with work schedules but we keep relatively normal office hours, Monday through Friday.  

Things you will learn about as a Design Launchers intern:

  • The company's processes and project workflow

  • Outlook email software

  • Organization & prioritization techniques

  • Professional customer service

  • Expert level CAD design skills and advanced features in SolidWorks

  • Design & Prototyping project management, sales, and quoting

  • Part design and prototype testing methods

  • Detailed knowledge of every major 3D Printing process in use today

  • Detailed part design for injection molding, CNC machining, laser cutting, etc.

  • Design for various manufacturing processes' constraints.

  • Introduction to Geometric Dimensioning & Tolerancing (GD&T) for 2D prints (blue prints).

  • Vendor management

  • Job costing & profitability analysis


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